Abbott Seeks Arrest of 50,000 Migrants Bused in Texas



Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has transported more than 50,000 migrants to major Democratic cities across the United States, causing a shelter crisis and changing the immigration debate. The move, which began as a political point to highlight President Biden’s perceived inaction on the border, has morphed into an organized transport system costing $75 million and growing. Despite the significant impact on Democratic-stronghold cities, the move has not achieved Abbott’s primary aim of forcing the federal government to adopt stricter border controls.

A Shift in Immigration Debate: Texas Buses Over 50,000 Migrants to Various US Cities

Since Governor Greg Abbott began the transportation of migrants from Texas to large Democratic cities, Texas has now transported more than 50,000 migrants across the United States. This action has spurred a shelter crisis in several cities and significantly reshaped the immigration debate. The first bus departed for Washington last April, which many perceived as a political ploy by Governor Abbott to highlight President Biden’s inaction on the border issue. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, joined the effort, chartering a plane that flew 48 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The Organized Migrant Transportation System

Since its inception, the program has developed into an organized migrant transportation system, systematically distributing new arrivals to cities like Chicago and Denver. The program, estimated to have cost around $75 million, has eased the burden on small border cities that were struggling with the influx of migrants.

The busing initiative, likened to disaster relief efforts, aims to bring the border issue into Democratic strongholds. It has exceeded expectations, changing the nature of immigration discussions in major cities and pushing Democrats to reconsider policies and actions towards migrants.

Impact on Democratic Cities and Response to Migrant Influx

As a result of Texas’ initiative, tensions have increased in cities like Chicago, and Democrats have faced difficult choices regarding the treatment of migrants. In Denver, a similar strategy has been adopted, with officials paying for bus tickets to transport migrants to other cities. Despite Texas’ actions resulting in thousands of migrants arriving in Democratic-led cities, data reveals that many more have arrived by other means. In New York, for instance, over 120,000 migrants have arrived since Spring 2022, with only around 20,000 transported by Texas-chartered buses.

A New Chapter in American Immigration History

The targeted program has led to concentrated migrant influxes in selected cities, making them a focal point in the immigration debate. Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute, stated that historians would likely describe this as the busing chapter of American immigration history. However, Abbott’s program has not pushed the federal government to adopt stricter border control measures as he had hoped.

Border Control and Immigration Policies

About 1.1 million migrants were encountered by federal border agents along the Texas border in the 11 months before the end of August. Around 40% of these migrants were released into the country. Today, Abbott is pushing for Texas law to classify unauthorized border crossing as a state crime, a controversial move that would allow Texas police to arrest individuals crossing the Rio Grande, including asylum seekers. This proposed legislation has raised concerns for potentially violating the federal government’s role in setting immigration policy.

Migrant Busing: A Necessary Emergency Measure?

Despite some criticism, many have accepted busing as a crucial emergency measure. In the past month, over 7,700 migrants have been transported from El Paso to Chicago, Denver, and New York, according to city data. Abbott’s advisers maintain that the busing program was initiated due to the inability of local officials to handle the large number of arriving migrants and the expressed willingness of Democratic cities to welcome migrants.

Effect on Cities and Growing Migrant Influx

The program has become increasingly noticeable in cities like Denver and Los Angeles, where buses from Texas have been arriving frequently. In response to the surge of migrants, Chicago officials have traveled to the Texas border to gain firsthand information about the situation and to request more advance warning about departing buses.

The Politics Behind the Busing Program

Critics argue that the busing program is politically motivated. Since Chicago was announced as the host city for next year’s Democratic National Convention, 320 of the 430 buses dispatched by Abbott have been sent there.

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