Affordable Health Care Plans for Part-Time Faculty: A Budget Guide



Part-time faculty at Hartnell College and Gavilan College Faculty Association have recently won healthcare negotiations, employing an “AB 190-compliant agreement”. The AB 190 amendment expands current part-time faculty health insurance programs and provides up to 100% cost reimbursement to incentivize districts, allowing CCA local unions to negotiate greater healthcare access for part-time faculty. Upon receiving an assignment of 40% or more, faculty members and their dependents can select healthcare plans paid by the district and reimbursed by the state.

Successful Negotiations Ensuring Health Care for Part-time Faculty at Hartnell and Gavilan Colleges

Health care benefits for part-time faculty, a concept widely advocated by California Community College Association (CCA), has found success following negotiations at Hartnell and Gavilan Colleges. These institutions have secured health care benefits, in line with an AB 190-compliant agreement.

Understanding the AB 190 Health Insurance Program and its Implications

AB 190 is a law aimed at expanding health insurance programs for part-time faculty. It encourages districts to provide health care by offering up to 100% reimbursement for health care costs. This law enables CCA local unions to negotiate for broader access to healthcare benefits for part-time faculty members.

Implementation of AB 190

Implementation varies by district. However, generally, upon receiving an assignment of 40% or more, part-time faculty and their dependents can choose health care plans paid by the district, reimbursed by the state. Several CCA locals have leveraged AB 190 for part-time faculty benefits, including the College of Desert Adjunct Association, Faculty Association of Rancho Santiago Community College District, MiraCosta College Academic Association Faculty, Southwestern College Education Association, and Riverside Community College District Faculty Association.

Optimistic View on Health Care Negotiations

Negotiating health care is achievable, according to CCA Secretary John Sullivan, a former executive board member at the RCCDFA. He advises CCA chapters grappling with this issue to consult with their CTA primary contact staff to explore their options and persevere, with the assurance that they are not alone in the endeavor.

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