Annual U.P. Comedy Festival Returns: Experience Laughter in Marquette



The Stand U.P. Comedy Festival is returning for its second year in Marquette, Michigan. The festival, which features 15 comics across nine shows in four nights at two venues, started with a free show and will continue until Saturday night. The event will include stand-up shows, improv acts, and a variety show, and tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Stand U.P. Comedy Festival Returns for Another Year of Laughter

The Stand U.P. Comedy Festival is once again delighting audiences in Marquette, Michigan for its second successive year.

Boasting a lineup of 15 comedians performing over four nights, the festival offers a variety of stand-up shows, improv acts, and a unique variety show across two venues. The festival commenced Wednesday night with a complimentary show, continuing through to Saturday.

“This festival is a must-see for those who love laughter, unless you’re someone who dislikes humor, in which case, you may prefer staying at home,” jokingly advised Bryan Sromalski, one of the Stand U.P. Comedy Festival’s organizers. “The shared experience of 200 people laughing at the same joke is truly something special.”

Tickets are available for purchase online or at the venue’s door. To see the full schedule of performances, click here.

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