Arrest Warrant Issued for Kimberlee Singler, Colorado Mom Suspected of Child Murder



Authorities are searching for Kimberlee Singler, a Colorado mother suspected of killing her two children and attempting to kill a third after an initial report of a burglary at their home. An arrest warrant was issued for Singler on murder and attempted murder charges after her two younger children were found dead and her oldest child was hospitalized with injuries. Singler, who was initially considered a burglary victim, became uncooperative with the police following her release from the hospital, and she was last seen on December 23.

Colorado Mother Wanted for Alleged Murder of Her Children

Kimberlee Singler, a mother from Colorado, is currently on the run, suspected of killing two of her children and trying to kill another. The hunt started following an initial response to a reported burglary at her residence.

An arrest warrant has been issued against Singler for charges of murder and attempted murder. Her two children, a boy aged seven and a girl aged nine, were found dead in the home. Her eleven-year-old daughter was hospitalized with injuries, as per a news release by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The Violent Offender Fugitive Task Force has been looking for Singler since the issuance of the warrant, with the FBI assisting the investigation. “We have some leads on her whereabouts but she could be anywhere,” said Public Information Officer Ira Cronin.

Officers reported to Singler’s home after a 911 call about a supposed burglary. The call was made from inside the house, though the caller identity remains unconfirmed. Two additional juveniles were found dead upon arrival, and the mother and her surviving daughter were immediately taken to the hospital.

Originally considered a victim based on the burglary report, Singler transitioned into a suspect during the course of the investigation. The reported burglary was later deemed unfounded. Singler was initially cooperative with authorities post-hospital release but later became unresponsive and unreachable.

The surviving 11-year-old daughter, now out of the hospital, is not with her mother and is recovering from her injuries. Singler was last seen on December 23 and is facing multiples charges of murder and attempted murder. Each alleged crime carries double charges due to the victims being under the age of 12.

The arrest warrant details are currently sealed under court order and will be unsealed later. Singler’s bond is set at $10 million.

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