Dexter’s Fillmore Bar & Grill Closes Doors for Good



The Fillmore Bar & Grill in Dexter, Michigan has announced that it has closed down as of December 30, 2023. The high-end restaurant, known for its seafood and pasta dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, was previously known as Terry B’s before being taken over by Coley and Nicole O’Brien in 2017. The reason for the closure is currently unknown and customers with leftover gift cards are advised to send them to a specified address for a refund.

The Fillmore Bar & Grill Ends Business in Dexter as 2024 Begins

As 2024 dawns, The Fillmore Bar & Grill in Dexter marks its closure. The upscale restaurant at 7954 Ann Arbor St. made the announcement on its Facebook page, signaling the end of its service on Saturday, Dec. 30.

A sign on the restaurant’s front door stated, “Saturday is our last day of business. Come say bye.” This Dexter restaurant was renowned for its seafood and pasta offerings as well as dishes crafted from scratch with locally sourced ingredients, as per its website.

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Formerly known as Terry B’s, the restaurant was taken over by Coley and Nicole O’Brien in 2017 and rebranded as The Fillmore Bar & Grill.

The Fillmore Bar & Grill
The Fillmore Bar & Grill at 7954 Ann Arbor St. in Dexter.

Alongside the closure announcement, The Fillmore shared that customers with remaining gift cards can claim refunds by sending their cards to 7954 Ann Arbor St. with a return address. The cause behind The Fillmore’s closure remains unclear as the restaurant’s owners could not be immediately reached for comment.

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