Emergency Aid Saves Neglected Puppy from Abuse



Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in North Carolina has taken in a severely neglected 4-month-old puppy named Peaches who is in very poor health. The puppy was in such bad condition that it had lost most of its fur and had skin infections. The team at the rescue is providing Peaches with emergency medical care and despite her condition, they believe there is a chance she could recover and live a healthy life.

Emergency Care for Neglected Puppy in North Carolina

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in North Carolina recently took in an extremely unhealthy puppy named Peaches, who had been badly neglected and abused. Reports suggest the 4-month-old pup was in such critical condition that she could not walk in.

The rescue team found that Peaches suffered from multiple health issues, including lost fur and skin infections. The shelter team expressed shock at the puppy’s condition while promising to do everything possible for her recovery.

Since her rescue, Peaches has been receiving emergency treatment and care. The animal care team believes that despite the neglect she suffered, Peaches can still recover and live a full, healthy life. They emphasized the importance of humane treatment for animals, saying, “After being let down by people, we think she deserves the chance.”

The shelter continues to provide Peaches with emergency medical care and remains hopeful about her chances of survival.

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