Emerging Leader Award Bestowed on Schweitzer Fellows for BrainSTORM Project



Ray Cheever and Callan Loflin, the 2022-23 Schweitzer Fellows, received the Emerging Leader Award from the Brain Injury Association of NC (BIANC) for establishing the BrainSTORM project. The project aims to provide education and social support for patients of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their caregivers, with activities including monthly assessments, individualized educational materials, webinars, and peer-led support groups. BrainSTORM has grown to include staff from BIANC and is being implemented in other hospitals across the state.

2022-23 Schweitzer Fellows Win Emerging Leader Award from BIANC

The Brain Injury Association of NC (BIANC) honored Schweitzer Fellows Ray Cheever and Callan Loflin with the Emerging Leader Award at the 40th-year service celebration event on October 21, 2023. This prestigious recognition results from their instrumental role in launching their Schweitzer project, BrainSTORM.

Schweitzer Fellows
2022-23 UNC SOM Schweitzer Fellows Ray Cheever and Callan Loflin

BrainSTORM, Brain Injury Support To Optimize Recovering Minds, is a pioneering project that offers essential education and social support for moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients and their caregivers. This includes services like custom educational flyers, group educational webinars, and peer support groups facilitated by experienced TBI patients or caregivers.

The initiative has been so successful that BIANC has hired a new team member to continue the BrainSTORM program, and it has been expanded to other hospitals across North Carolina.

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