End of an Era: Historic Fillmore Dexter Shuts Down



The Fillmore Bar & Grill in Dexter, Michigan, announced it was closing on its last day of business in 2023. The restaurant, previously known as Terry B’s, was bought by Coley and Nicole O’Brien in 2017, who invested in it and renamed it the Fillmore. The building has a longstanding history, originally being Cousins Heritage Inn established in 1984, which operated until 2001.

Fillmore Bar & Grill Closes Its Doors

The Fillmore Bar & Grill wraps up 2023 by permanently closing. A front door note declared, “Saturday is our last day of business. Come say bye!” Further details were shared on its Facebook page on Dec. 30:

“Today will be our last day. We’re open from 2-8pm. Know that we’ll be gradually running out of food and beverage options. If you have a gift card, stop by tonight for a refund via check. But remember, the card must be present.

If you can’t make it, mail your gift card to us with a return address, and we’ll send a check. Our mailing address is 7954 Ann Arbor Street, Dexter MI, 48130.”

Formerly Terry B’s, the restaurant was acquired by Coley and Nicole O’Brien in 2017. O’Brien, also the owner of A&W in Dexter, re-invested in the venue. It was renamed Fillmore and presented a fresh menu and food selection. Originally, the building was Cousins Heritage Inn, opened by Paul and Pat Cousins in 1984, and operational until 2001.

Updates will follow when more information becomes available.

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