Enroll Now in SoonerSelect: Oklahoma’s New Dental Plan



Starting from February 1, select SoonerCare members will have the choice between two new dental plans. The options, provided by DentaQuest and LIBERTY Dental, cover preventative and restorative care and will be available to SoonerSelect members, mainly comprised of children, pregnant women, and adults in the SoonerCare’s expansion group. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority, who contract the plans, aims to encourage preventative care and reduce the need for high-cost procedures.

SoonerCare Members Offered New Dental Plans

Certain SoonerCare members now have the opportunity to select from two dental plans, starting coverage from Feb. 1. These plans are extended to those shifting to SoonerSelect, with primary beneficiaries being children, pregnant women, and adults under SoonerCare’s expansion group.

SoonerSelect participants will receive their healthcare through an extensive network of doctors, dentists, and other providers included in different insurance plans. This development allows them to choose between two dental plans and three health schemes.

SoonerSelect’s dental component will be administered by DentaQuest and LIBERTY Dental, as per the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s contract. These plans are designed to promote preventative care, minimize high-cost procedures, and expand the provider and specialist networks.

The plans will cover cleanings, preventative and restorative care, and medically necessary orthodontic services for children under 21. Additionally, they will offer the same services currently provided by SoonerCare, alongside extra benefits, without any changes to current eligibility requirements.

The Health Care Authority is excited to introduce these plans, specifically designed to address the health objectives of Oklahomans. This innovative move not only enhances the effectiveness of SoonerCare but also emphasizes their commitment to achieving better health outcomes.

Over 850,000 members transitioning to SoonerSelect received a letter from the Health Care Authority with instructions on how to access and compare benefits, and make selections. They need to choose a plan by Jan. 10; otherwise, one will be assigned for them. The Health Care Authority will provide choice counseling to assist SoonerSelect members in selecting the most suitable plan for their needs.

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