Experience Epic ‘Small Island Big Song’ Show in Tempe Arts Center



Tempe Center for the Arts in Arizona will host the musical event “Small Island Big Song” on February 10, showcasing artists from Pacific and Indian Ocean nations. The event, which blends traditional music with contemporary styles, evolved from visits to 16 island nations and collaboration with over 100 artists, elders and community groups, intending to deliver a message about the climate crisis. In addition to the concert, the artists will take part in a residency in Tempe, including a free “Storytellers” panel discussion and a school performance.

Tempe Center for the Arts Hosting SMALL ISLAND BIG SONG Event

The Tempe Center for the Arts is set to host an exciting evening of music, dance, and film, bringing an urgent climate crisis message from Pacific and Indian Ocean cultures. Showcasing indigenous artists from places such as New Zealand, Madagascar, Rapa Nui, Tahiti and Papua New Guinea, the event, SMALL ISLAND BIG SONG, takes place on February 10 at 7:30 pm.

Visitors will experience a riveting concert with lush panoramic visuals of the artists’ homelands, blending traditional music and contemporary styles of roots-reggae, beats, grunge, R & B, folk, and spoken word. This project, evolved from visits to 16 island nations and collaboration with over 100 artists and community groups, aims to bring a message from global regions through art.

Tickets for SMALL ISLAND BIG SONG can be purchased for $25 and $10 for children under 12, at tempecenterforthearts.com or by dialing 480-350-2822.

Singing in their native languages with traditional instruments, these artists will deliver a unique experience praised as “jaw-dropping” by Billboard. As part of a multi-day residency, the SMALL ISLAND BIG SONG artists will also host a free “Storytellers” panel discussion on February 8 at 6:30 pm, plus a performance for local schools.

For further information, visit tempecenterforthearts.com or smallislandbigsong.com.

About Tempe Center for the Arts

Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA), opened in 2007, is a prominent venue in a city known for its performing and visual arts support. Located on Tempe Town Lake’s edge, it features a 600-seat theater, Sculpture Garden, 200-seat studio theater, 200-seat Lakeside room, a 3,500 square-foot art gallery, and an outdoor amphitheater with a 1500-person capacity. TCA strives to foster creativity and offer enriching cultural experiences.

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