Exploring Key Impacts of Abortion Laws & Health Care Taxes



The article discusses various health-related issues, primarily focusing on abortion restrictions for pregnant cancer patients, the high cost of healthcare in the U.S., the use of food as medicine, nurse ratings, and the importance of increasing federal alcohol taxes. It emphasizes that the abortion restrictions in the U.S. could impede the decision-making process of cancer patients and their doctors. The article also underlines that American taxpayers are paying as much for healthcare as other countries do for universal coverage. It further mentions teaching kitchens at hospitals as a form of medicine, the faith of Americans in nurses despite decreasing confidence in the overall healthcare system, and the argument for raising federal alcohol taxes to prevent addiction crises.

Health Policy and Medicine Impact Everyday Life

From the kitchen to the political arena, healthcare is not confined to the doctor’s office. Today, we delve into its different aspects, from the impact of abortion restrictions on cancer patients to the profound influence of poetry.

The Impact of Abortion Restrictions on Pregnant Cancer Patients

Pregnant cancer patients grapple with difficult decisions as their life-saving treatments could potentially harm their unborn children. In a post-Dobbs America, tighter abortion restrictions might take these decisions out of their hands. Oncologist Katherine Van Loon expresses concerns over such restrictions, including a potential mifepristone ban. Read more here.

U.S. Healthcare Spending Compared to Universal Coverage in Other Countries

The U.S. government spent more on health care last year than the combined governments of several European countries on their universal health care coverage, according to new CMS data. Economists Amy Finkelstein and Liran Einav argue that U.S. taxpayers already pay for universal coverage, they just don’t receive it. Read more.

The Role of Teaching Kitchens in Health Care

Boston Medical Center’s teaching kitchen is playing a vital role in “food as medicine.” Since 2008, it has been offering medically tailored programs for specific patient groups. Majority of the food used in these classes can be found in the hospital’s food pantry or through WIC benefits. Learn more about the program here.

Finding Solace in Poetry Amid Chronic Illness

Rheumatologist Leena Danawala uses poetry as an outlet to better understand her life with a form of small vessel vasculitis. In her poem “chronicity”, Danawala opens up about getting a diagnosis, the stages of grief she went through, and the constant struggle to be fine. Read the full interview.

Trust in Nurses Remains High Despite Declining Confidence in Health Care

Despite declining confidence in the U.S. health care system, Americans’ trust in nurses remains high, according to recent Gallup polls. Entities with middling scores include hospitals, walk-in clinics, and telemedicine.

Opinion: The U.S. Needs to Raise Federal Alcohol Taxes

With addiction and mental health crises on the rise, Dr. Cara Poland argues that raising federal excise taxes on alcohol is a crucial preventive measure. She shares her personal experience of losing her brother to severe substance use disorder and emphasizes the importance of prevention initiatives. Read more.

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