Fani Willis Issues Warning in Trump’s Georgia Case



Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis warned that the “train is coming” when referring to her prosecution of former president Donald Trump in the election interference case. This statement was made despite attempts to slow down the case following the discovery of her former romantic relationship with a special prosecutor. Although Willis was criticized by a Georgia judge for her relationship and her public remarks, the judge did not disqualify her from continuing the prosecution.

Fulton DA Fani Willis Undeterred in Trump Election Interference Case

In the ongoing prosecution of former President Trump’s election interference case, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) remains undeterred. Despite recent revelations about her past relationship with a special prosecutor, Willis insists that the case is progressing without hindrance, she told CNN on Saturday.

Her former romantic interest, appointed to the case, did not lead to her disqualification. Throughout the relationship scrutiny, her team remained focused on their work. “We were writing responsive briefs, we were still doing the case in a way that it needed to be done,” Willis stated, negating any belief of delay in the proceedings.

She acknowledged attempts to slow down the proceedings but affirmed, “the train is coming.” A Georgia judge ruled last week permitting the case against Trump and his allies to progress, with the condition that Willis or her former associate, Nathan Wade, recuse themselves.

Although the judge criticized Willis’s conduct in his ruling, he did not disqualify her from proceeding with the prosecution. Willis is keen to take the case to trial before the November election.

Willis Defends Her Reputation Amid Scandal

Withstanding public scrutiny following the scandal, Willis refuted any need to restore her reputation. “I’m not embarrassed by anything I’ve done,” she asserted. “My greatest crime is I had a relationship with a man but that’s not something that I find embarrassing in any way and I know that I have not done anything illegal.”

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