FDA Greenlights Florida’s Revolutionary Drug Import Plan from Canada



The FDA has authorized Florida’s plan to import drugs from Canada. The move is part of a major policy shift, which has received approval from politicians across party lines, including Biden, Trump, and DeSantis. The main reason for the move is to leverage Canada’s price controls to make drugs cheaper for Florida’s residents.

FDA: Major Policy Shift Authorizes Florida’s Plan to Import Drugs from Canada

Foley & Lardner LLP reports on a major FDA policy shift allowing Florida to import drugs from Canada.

Opinion | When Biden, Trump and DeSantis Agree on Something, Watch Out

An opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal analyzes the agreement among Biden, Trump, and DeSantis on Florida’s drug import plan.

Why Florida Wants to Fill Its Prescriptions Through Canada | Best Countries | U.S. News

U.S. News & World Report explores why Florida opted for Canada for prescription fulfillment.

Canada’s Price Controls Make Its Drugs Cheaper. The US Should Impose Them Too.

Jacobin magazine discusses how Canada’s price controls make drugs cheaper and suggests the US should follow the same path.

FDA Will Allow Florida to Import Prescription Drugs from Canada

Healthline confirms that FDA has granted Florida the permission to import prescription drugs from Canada.

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