Gallego and Lake’s Social Media Spat Spills into Phoenix Airport



Kari Lake, who is set to announce her bid for the Republican nomination, initiated a debate with U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego over social media on the subject of border security. The two continued their discussion at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, where Lake insisted on the necessity of finishing the border wall and criticized Gallego’s stance on the issue. Despite Gallego’s attempts to facilitate a civil conversation and find common ground, Lake rejected his offer to work together, stating her intent to defeat him and “save Arizona.”

Kari Lake and U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego Debate on Social Media and in Public

Kari Lake, who is set to announce her bid for the Republican nomination, engaged in a public debate with U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego during a flight back to Arizona. The discussion overflowed onto Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Lake questioned Gallego on social media about his stance on border wall, stirring controversy among Arizonans. Gallego, already a Senate candidate, invited Lake to discuss his legislative efforts towards Arizona’s border communities.

The debate continued with a videotaped encounter at the airport, posted by the Daily Caller.

Gallego expressed interest in working together, however, Lake criticized the lack of civility due to increasing homelessness in Gallego’s district.

First Steps Towards Kari Lake’s Senate Campaign

Kari Lake’s Senate campaign is inching closer to her official run.

A passerby commented on Lake’s narrow gubernatorial loss last year. Lake, without evidence, claimed that the election was rife with fraud and administrative issues.

Lake’s conversation with Gallego veered into border security with her insistence on finishing the border wall. Gallego argued that the issue was more nuanced.

When Lake cited Trump’s border wall initiatives, Gallego reminded her of the unfulfilled promise of Mexico funding it.

Despite Gallego’s attempts to find common ground, Lake rejected the offer. As the recording abruptly ended, she declared her intent to defeat Gallego and “save Arizona”.

Funding for Rep. Ruben Gallego’s Senate Campaign

Gallego’s Senate campaign raised $3 million this summer.

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