Giuliani Must Pay $148M to Georgia Poll Workers



A federal jury ordered former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani to pay $148 million to two election workers for defamation over false claims that they stole the 2020 election in Georgia. The ruling, which came after nine hours of deliberation, sees Giuliani paying more than three times the $48 million sought by the workers in the first large judgment against a figure in Trump’s orbit over allegations of voter fraud. The two election workers, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea ArShaye Moss, were awarded $75 million in punitive damages and $73 million in compensatory damages for defamation and emotional distress.

Rudy Giuliani Ordered to Pay $148M for Defamation Against Election Workers

A federal jury on Friday ordered Rudy Giuliani to pay $148 million to two election workers who sued him for defamation. The workers asserted that Giuliani, former attorney for Donald Trump, exposed them to a torrent of abuse by promoting false claims that they stole the 2020 election from the former president.

Defamation Lawsuit Against Giuliani

The panel of eight jurors in Washington debated for over nine hours before delivering a penalty that was significantly more than the $48 million asked for by the workers. This marks the first substantial judgment against an individual in Trump’s orbit for propagating the myth of vote fraud that supposedly led to President Biden‘s victory.

Election Workers’ Defamation Case

The defamation lawsuit was filed against Giuliani by Fulton County, Georgia, election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea ArShaye “Shaye” Moss. The two were falsely accused by Trump and others on his campaign and legal teams of manipulating the absentee ballot count in Atlanta.

Aftermath of the Defamation Verdict

“Today is a good day,” Freeman stated after the jury awarded them $75 million in punitive and $73 million in compensatory damages for defamation and emotional distress. Giuliani’s deceitful actions led to a significant downfall for the former New York mayor, whose law license was previously suspended over his election falsehoods.

Continuing Legal Consequences

Furthermore, Giuliani now faces legal repercussions from Dominion Voting Systems and another voting machine company, Smartmatic. These companies have separate lawsuits pending against media companies, Giuliani, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, and others. Trump also faces lawsuits for damages from Democratic lawmakers and Capitol Police officers for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack.

Giuliani’s Response to the Verdict

Despite the ruling, Giuliani remained defiant, stating, “The absurdity of the number underscores the absurdity of the entire proceeding.” He also falsely claimed that he was not allowed to present any evidence in his defense.

Penalty for Defamation and Emotional Distress

During the trial, Moss and Freeman testified about the racist and harsh attacks they endured following Giuliani’s false allegations. Jurors were tasked with determining the penalty for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and civil conspiracy based on 16 defamatory statements against the workers.

Impact on the Election Workers

The false claims negatively affected the lives of these election workers, causing them to change their physical appearance, move their homes, and give up their dreams. They also testified about receiving threats and being victims of racist remarks.

Giuliani’s Legal Issues Continue

The damages verdict cannot be discharged through bankruptcy and adds to the serious legal threats facing Giuliani, who also faces other lawsuits and a suspended law license. Giuliani has pleaded not guilty in the Georgia criminal cases and denied all accusations of wrongdoing.

Despite his in-court defense, Giuliani continued to assert his victimhood and express confidence about the case being reversed on appeal. He claimed, “The election of 2020 has to be exposed because if not, our country will no longer be a democracy.”

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