House to Vote on Fourth GOP Speaker Nominee, Mike Johnson



The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on Mike Johnson as the fourth Republican nominee for Speaker. The Republican party is reportedly optimistic about this nomination. This follows after Tom Emmer dropped his bid for the House Speaker position after four hours.

House Set to Vote on Fourth Republican Nominee, Mike Johnson, for Speaker Role

The United States House of Representatives is poised for a significant vote to determine the 4th Republican speaker nominee, Mike Johnson.

Mike Johnson Named 4th Republican Speaker Nominee

The House Republicans have nominated Rep. Mike Johnson as the 4th speaker nominee, fostering a sense of optimism in the GOP camp.

Optimism Builds as Fourth Speaker Candidate Heads to House Floor

Amidst spirited discussions, the fourth speaker candidate heads to the House floor, signaling a potentially seismic shift in House politics.

The Nation Feels the Impact of GOP’s Internal Frictions

With the recent turmoil over the speaker role, the nation is forced to grapple with the implications of a broken GOP.

Why Did Tom Emmer Withdraw His House Speaker Bid?

In a surprising twist, Tom Emmer’s bid for the House speaker role was withdrawn after only four hours, leaving many to speculate the reasons behind it.

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