Insightful: Rep. Albert Discloses Legislative Session Details



State Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, has raised concerns about new zoning rules for solar and wind farms, which he argues are problematic for rural areas. Albert stated the state has the power to place renewable energy sites in areas where locals may oppose them. He suggests that this controversial issue could lead to a referendum in November.

Michigan Legislation Discussion on “To The Point” with Rep. Thomas Albert

In the new legislative session, Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, discusses key issues on a “To The Point” episode aired over the weekend of Jan. 13. He critically reviews the developments of 2023 and the upcoming challenges in 2024.

Albert expresses concern over the Democrats’ decision to alter zoning rules for solar and wind farms. He argues that these changes might negatively impact rural areas, potentially leading to vigorous action at the ballot box.

“Currently, the state has the upper hand. If locals oppose renewable energy installations within their agricultural sights, the state can override their objections. Representing a large portion of rural Michigan, I see this as a highly contentious issue that isn’t likely to disappear. A referendum on this topic in the upcoming November election is a real possibility,” Albert explains.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Senator’s objectives for the year as the legislature returns to work.

Listen to this episode of “To The Point” for a more detailed discussion on rural Michigan’s battle with renewable energy zoning rules and the potential implications for the upcoming November elections.

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