Janet Wittenbraker Gains Support from Lake, Masters in Tucson Mayor Race



Republican Janet Wittenbraker, running for mayor in Tucson, has secured the backing of high-profile Arizona Republicans despite the city’s strong Democratic voter base. Wittenbraker’s campaign focuses on increasing funding for public safety, redirecting city funds from public transportation towards public safety, and ending what she calls an “influx of illegal migrants.” She has received endorsements from Kari Lake, a former gubernatorial candidate now running for U.S. Senate, and Blake Masters, a Republican venture capitalist and former Senate candidate, both of whom have aligned themselves with former President Donald Trump.

Republican Janet Wittenbraker Campaigns for Tucson Mayoral Election

Janet Wittenbraker, Republican candidate for Tucson mayor.

Despite the Democratic majority in Tucson, Republican Janet Wittenbraker is vying for the mayoral position with backing from major Arizona conservatives.

High-profile Republicans like U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake and Congressional contender Blake Masters support Wittenbraker. Lake endorsed Wittenbraker via a Twitter post, praising her potential to lead Tucson towards a new era.

Masters, a venture capitalist and former Senate candidate, followed Lake’s endorsement. In a social media post, Masters criticized current mayor Regina Romero and urged voters to choose law, order, and common sense with Wittenbraker.

Janet Wittenbraker, the Republican candidate for Tucson's mayoral race.

Wittenbraker’s campaign focuses on increasing public safety funding, reallocating city funds from public transportation to public safety, and curbing illegal immigration, as outlined on her website.

Although she acknowledges that the endorsements from Lake and Masters might dissuade some voters, Wittenbraker takes pride in their support. She believes those turned off by the endorsements wouldn’t have voted for her anyway.

Republicans Blake Masters, left, and Kari Lake each speaking at an event during the 2022 election.

Both Lake and Masters are known supporters of former President Donald Trump. Wittenbraker, however, has remained neutral on the 2020 election controversies, stating it’s not relevant to her role as Tucson mayor.

Wittenbraker revealed that the Lake campaign initiated the endorsement and that Masters’ endorsement followed naturally due to their recent relationship. She donated $850 to Masters’ 2022 campaign and another $500 to his joint fundraising committee with state and federal Republicans, as per federal campaign finance records.

Neither the Lake campaign nor Masters responded to requests for comment.

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