Kari Lake: Arizona’s New Joe Arpaio of America



Kari Lake, a former TV anchor in Arizona, has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate after losing the race for the state’s governorship and her chance to be Donald Trump’s running mate. The article connects Lake’s political approach to that of Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump, suggesting she has adopted their controversial campaign strategies. The author criticizes Lake’s “ugly, grievance-based, conspiracy-filled” campaign style, arguing it mirrors the tactics used by Trump and Arpaio and apologizes to America for this new political development.

Arizona’s Political Evolution: From Arpaio to Trump to Lake

Arizona may not have invented Donald Trump, but it did invent Joe Arpaio, who in turn gave rise to Trump. Now, Kari Lake, a former Arizona TV anchor, is following their footsteps as Arizona’s new political figure.

Despite losing the race for Arizona’s governor, and her chance to be Trump’s running mate, Lake has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate in Arizona. Unlike Arpaio, who won several elections, her political journey has been marked with significant losses.

Arpaio’s Impact on Politics: A New Playbook

Arpaio’s entry into politics in 1992 marked a shift in Arizona’s political landscape. Known for his outrageous claims and stunts, he was still repeatedly reelected despite not focusing much on law enforcement.

Arpaio’s tactics, which included being an Obama “birther”, making wild accusations about other politicians, and creating the infamous “Tent City” at the county jail, drew both national and international attention. His actions led to a number of jail deaths and lawsuits, costing county taxpayers over a quarter of a billion dollars.

The Line from Arpaio to Trump to Lake

Donald Trump took notes from Arpaio’s playbook during his political campaign, and Kari Lake seems to be doing the same. Like Trump, she is expected to continue with her grievance-based, conspiracy-filled campaign, hoping to tone down her rhetoric and convince people that her campaign is not as ugly as it seems.

During her failed campaign for governor, Lake, channeling Trump, told a gathering, “They are bringing drugs. They are bringing crime, and they are rapists, and that’s who’s coming across our border. That’s a fact.”

From Arpaio to Trump to Lake, the political evolution in Arizona seems to be following a straight (or perhaps crooked) line. And for that, America, “We’re sorry.”

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