Kari Lake’s Abortion Stance Shift Indicates Poll Influence



Kari Lake, a candidate for the Senate, has shown inconsistent positions on abortion. Lake, who previously called abortion “the ultimate sin,” has had a history of strongly opposing it, including supporting a restrictive Texas law and advocating for a law from 1864 that criminalizes abortion in almost all cases. However, she recently stated she does not support a national ban on abortion and believes the issue should be left to individual states to decide.

Undecided: Kari Lake’s Ever-Changing Stance on Abortion

Kari Lake's position on abortion is constantly changing.

It’s evident that Kari Lake is both for and against abortion at different times. She has referred to abortion as “the ultimate sin,” however, she also stated that she doesn’t want it banned nationwide.

Figuring out Lake’s stance on abortion is akin to sneaking up on a roadrunner, her position changes swiftly and often.

Lake’s Tactical Retreat from National Abortion Ban

The New York Times noted Lake’s recent declaration against a national abortion ban, a strategic move considering the swing state electorate. This is essential, especially when Arizona voters are deciding on making abortion a constitutional right.

Already, six states, including three red ones, have signaled that post-Roe v. Wade, the right to abortion needs protection. Arizona could follow suit.

Lake’s Previous Stance on Abortion

Lake has been vocal about her anti-abortion stance in her previous run for governor. In September 2021, she praised Texas’ heartbeat bill and called for Arizona to adopt a similar restrictive law.

She tweeted her support for a carbon copy of Texas S.B. 8 and promised to sign it if given the chance.

A Sanctuary State for the Unborn

In January 2022, Lake declared her unwavering support for the unborn. She tweeted that all baby lives matter and called for Arizona to be a sanctuary state for the unborn.

By July 2022, she voiced her support for the 1864 law that imposes a prison sentence of two to five years for anyone performing an abortion, with only the exception of saving a dying woman’s life.

Lake’s Growing Moderation on Abortion

However, by October 2022, Lake appeared to soften her stance, saying on KTAR’s Mike Broomhead show that abortion should be legal in some instances. Her spokesman later tried to retract her statement.

As she launched her Senate run in Scottsdale, Lake avoided specifics on abortion but did mention giving people real choices, potentially including abortion. On her campaign website, she now states she would oppose a national abortion ban and leave the decision to states.

So, is the “ultimate sin” of abortion negotiable for Lake? Only time will tell.

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