Kari Lake’s Failed Attempt at ‘Common Sense’ Claim



Kari Lake, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Arizona, is being criticized for her claims of promoting “commonsense policies” and blaming the media for labeling her as an extremist. Critics highlight her actions such as filing numerous failed lawsuits claiming a stolen election, supporting a ban on abortion pills, and praising controversial figures like Rep. Paul Gosar and state Sen. Wendy Rogers. They also note her use of the Gab social media platform, known for its founder’s antisemitic views, and her attempts to gain favor with former president Donald Trump.

Republican Senate Candidate Kari Lake’s “Commonsense Policies” Under Scrutiny

Kari Lake, Republican U.S. Senate candidate and failed gubernatorial candidate

Kari Lake, running for U.S. Senate in Arizona, is making headlines with claims of advocating for “commonsense policies”. However, critics argue her policies lean more towards extremism rather than common sense.

These comments were made during an interview published in the Washington Examiner.

Lake Blames Media for “Extreme” Label

Lake asserts that the media labels her as an extremist, rather than her own actions speaking for themselves. She has repeatedly lost lawsuits over disproven election fraud claims, while receiving financial support from conspiracy theorists.

Lake’s History of Failed Lawsuits

Among Lake’s failures, her most recent defeat involved an attempt to gain access to green affidavit envelopes mailed to Maricopa County voters. Furthermore, Lake is facing a defamation lawsuit from Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer over her baseless claims.

Controversial Views and Connections

Lake’s policies include a support for a ban on medication abortion pills and a century-old Arizona abortion ban. She has also praised controversial figures such as Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar and state Sen. Wendy Rogers, both known for their extremist views.

Association with Mar-A-Lago and Gab

Lake’s affiliations include the notorious antisemite Andrew Torba’s social media platform, Gab, and Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago, raising questions on her “commonsense” claim.

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