MD’s Plan to Solve Ghana’s Healthcare Exodus: Nyaho Medical Centre



The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr Elikem Tamaklo, has suggested strategies to address the exodus of healthcare professionals from Ghana. He highlighted that insufficient training of healthcare professionals and a low doctor-to-patient ratio are the core issues, and proposed that the government prioritize and enhance training programmes, increase the number of healthcare professionals, and maintain high standards in healthcare delivery. Dr Tamaklo also advocated for a policy framework that creates a fair environment for both public and private health facilities.

Nyaho Medical Centre’s MD Proposes Solutions for Ghana’s Medical Brain Drain

The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr Elikem Tamaklo has addressed the ongoing exodus of healthcare professionals from Ghana with viable solutions. Speaking during JoyNews’ ChangeSpeakers Series IV, he underscored the need for comprehensive strategies to tackle this problem.

Dr. Tamaklo shared his worries about the continuous departure of healthcare professionals seeking better opportunities and skill development. He highlighted that this significantly impacts the delivery of quality healthcare in Ghana. Furthermore, he quoted the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ghana’s Ministry of Health, stating Ghana’s aim of achieving universal health care coverage is at risk if the issue remains unaddressed.

Addressing Talent and Leadership Gaps in Ghana’s Healthcare

Setting his talk against the backdrop of “Ghana’s Future, Ghana’s Legacy: Addressing The Talent And Leadership Gaps In Ghana’s Healthcare,” Dr. Tamaklo singled out the inadequate training of healthcare professionals as a core challenge. He pointed out the worrying low doctor-to-patient ratio in Ghana, particularly compared to other regions facing global health shortages.

Dr. Tamaklo emphasized the need to tackle the supply and demand issue by increasing the number of healthcare professionals. To alleviate the healthcare professional shortage, he suggested the government prioritize and enhance training programs. He also urged hospitals to maintain high standards of healthcare delivery to ensure effective healthcare systems.

The Need for Policy Change and Collaborative Efforts

Dr. Tamaklo recommended a change in policy regime, advocating for collaborative efforts between the government and private health facilities. He proposed the development of a policy framework that supports a fair and enabling environment for both sectors. According to Dr. Tamaklo, this approach involves public hospitals not having a cost advantage over private ones, thus driving the right investments for a robust and quality healthcare system for the nation.

About Dr. Elikem Tamaklo

Dr. Elikem Tamaklo is the Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, a leading healthcare provider in Ghana and the first private Group Medical Practice in the country. Since 2015, his leadership has spearheaded the digital transformation of the Hospital, integrating services, equipment, and infrastructure into a patient-centered Hospital Information System. Dr. Tamaklo has won many awards including the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2016 Ghana Entrepreneurs Awards and the Young Business Leader award at the 8th edition of the All-Africa Business Leaders Awards (AABLA) organized in Johannesburg, SA in 2018. In 2022, he won the Man of the Year Health Award by Emy Africa and the 40 under 40 Health award by the 40 under 40 Awards.

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