NBC 7 San Diego Covers the 2024 Great Flood



The article discusses the aftermath of a historic storm in San Diego and the shocking footage captured by NBC 7’s Drone Ranger. The drone footage showcased the destruction in the neighborhoods of Southcrest, Shelltown, Encanto, and Mountain View, which were severely affected by over three inches of rain that fell within six hours. In the video, residents were seen trying to rebuild their lives by cleaning debris and salvaging their belongings, with the cleanup expected to take months or years, while footage of a flood channel revealed overgrown vegetation, standing water, and destroyed model cars swept away by the flood.

San Diego’s Historic Storm Aftermath Captured by Drone

Images from Monday’s devastating storm in San Diego continue to astound, with NBC 7’s Drone Ranger capturing footage that still possesses the power to shock. The drone tour, shot by Chief Photographer Scott Baird, unveils the destructive aftermath in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Southcrest, Shelltown, Encanto, and Mountain View.

The drone footage reveals the devastation following the 3-inch rainfall within six hours, showcasing the flood’s damaging path in a nearby flood channel and across Birch, Yama, Cottonwood, Beta, and Z streets.

Residential scenes show locals clearing debris and salvaging what’s left of their belongings, indicating that the recovery process will be arduous, likely extending into months or years. The floodwaters have mostly receded, but the monumental task of rebuilding remains.

Among the most striking sequences is a view of a concrete flood channel, visibly overgrown prior to the storm, now filled with fallen trees, shrubs, and trapped standing water. In several sections, the flood has stacked new-looking model cars on top of one another, resembling battered toys after a child’s tantrum.

For an unprecedented view of the 2024 San Diego Flood aftermath, watch the video here.

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