Neil Hanson Quits as Michigamme Clerk Amidst Recall Filing

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The Michigamme Township Board accepted the resignation of Township Clerk Neil Hanson, which resulted in a recall against him being removed from the November ballot. Hanson had been accused of neglecting his duties and ceding his powers to the Township Supervisor, but he cited health problems as his reason for resigning. The Township Board will now seek to appoint a new clerk; if the position remains vacant for 45 days, a special election will be held.

Michigamme Township Won’t See Recall on November Ballot

Michigamme Township won’t hold a recall on the November ballot, following the 3-2 decision by the Michigamme Township Board to accept the resignation of Township Clerk Neil Hanson, thus preventing the recall language from appearing with the vote.

In July, a recall petition was filed against Hanson by Johnnie Hillis, alleging negligence of duties and lack of responsiveness to communication. Hanson conceded to the allegations, attributing them to health issues.

Hanson, who announced his resignation in August, served his final day as Michigamme Township’s clerk on Oct. 1. Due to his resignation, Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma effectively removed the recall language from the November ballot.

The board had initially aimed to accept Hanson’s resignation on Sept. 11, but this was impeded by a 2-2 vote in which Hanson refrained from voting. Several board members cited Hanson’s delay in resignation as the reason for their refusal of the motion.

Trustee Kay Frisk and other members aimed to maintain the recall on the ballot, as they wanted to allow for voters to decide who would replace Hanson. Under Michigan law, the board is now tasked with the responsibility of appointing a new clerk.

Contingency plans include a special meeting scheduled for Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. to discuss Hanson’s potential replacement. Failure to appoint a new clerk within 45 days will lead to a special election, where voters will select the new township clerk.

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