New Year’s Eve 2024: Times Square swarms with hundreds of thousands



Crowds gathered in Times Square on New Year’s Eve to watch the iconic ball drop. People came from all over the world to celebrate the event, some of them for the first time. The New York Police Department deployed hundreds of officers, K-9s, and special technology, including tethered drone trucks, to ensure the safety of the revelers.

New York’s Times Square Bustles Ahead of New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Throngs of people poured into Times Square on Sunday, eager to secure prime spots for the spectacular New Year’s Eve ball drop. Patrons, both locals and tourists, spent hours in anticipation of the iconic event.

The Modaff family from Chicago celebrated their first Times Square New Year’s Eve. “This has been amazing all day,” said Jen Modaff, emphasizing the importance of family togetherness during holidays.

Many, like New Jersey’s Warren Garcia, anticipated making new friendships. Garcia, who had planned to stay for 13 hours, came prepared. “We’re wearing diapers, but they’re still dry, don’t worry,” he joked.

The Schirmer family from Milwaukee intended to stay in their secured spots for hours without drinking water. “My New Year’s resolution is to drink more water this next year,” said Matt Schirmer.

Mike Galarowic from Michigan, who had experienced the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration seven times, accompanied the Schirmers. “This is truly the center of the Earth tonight,” he expressed.

Max and Ashleigh Christman from Albany, both born on New Year’s Day, celebrated their shared birthday and the New Year in Times Square. However, their celebrations were preceded by thorough security checks by the NYPD, which deployed hundreds of officers, K-9s, and special technology, including tethered drone trucks for extra surveillance.

“We’re looking for any type of anomalies, anybody having any medical episodes. We’re looking for if the pens are overcrowded,” NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry explained. The NYPD also prepared to respond to any protests.

Indiana resident Cynthia Ross said she was experiencing the celebration in person for the first time with her husband. “It’s amazing. It’s one of the best life experiences,” Rich Ross said.

“I just want to wish everyone a great new year, and I wish peace for the world,” Garcia said, expressing a sentiment shared by many in the crowd, looking forward to celebrating the New Year and the promises it holds.

The night was filled with hourly countdowns and outstanding performances to bid farewell to 2023.

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