Notley Slams Smith for Misinformation-Driven Trans Surgery Ban for Kids



Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley has criticized the Alberta government’s proposed policies on gender ideology and parental rights, arguing they are based on misinformation. The policies, announced by Premier Danielle Smith, include measures to preserve children’s rights and address irreversible decisions related to biological sex, such as restrictions on hormonal treatment and puberty blockers for children under 17. Notley argues that the policies exceed those in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan and claim they affect the entire 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Alberta NDP Leader Notley Criticizes Policies on Gender Ideology and Parental Rights

Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley criticizes the Alberta government’s proposed policies on gender ideology and parental rights, accusing them of being based on “misinformation”. Premier Danielle Smith introduced these policies, which advocates claim are a thoughtful attempt to protect children’s rights while addressing irreversible decisions related to biological sex.

Notley argues that Smith’s policies exceed the existing ones in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, affecting the entire 2SLGBTQ+ community and any child benefiting from sex education. These policy changes cover youth privacy in schools, sex education, sports, and access to health care, including restrictions on hormonal treatment, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgery for children under 17.

Notley claims that, “Danielle Smith’s policy represents government interference in what should be a private decision between parents, their child, and their doctor. Current practice in Alberta is guided by the rules of the Canadian Medical Association and includes parents.”

During a press conference, Smith defended the changes, emphasising her commitment to protect children. She said, “We want to ensure that kids understand the consequences of their decisions and are mature enough to make and live with them. These are adult decisions, so we want to ensure they are made as adults.”

In her initial announcement, Smith justified her policies, expressing concerns about irreversible decisions regarding biological sex for youth. She highlighted the risks posed by permanent alterations to a child’s biology. As per the new rules, puberty blockers and hormone therapies for gender reassignment will be prohibited for children aged 15 and under, with exceptions for those under treatment. For minors aged 16 and 17, hormone therapies will require explicit approval from parents, physicians, and psychologists.

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