Pending Charges in Fatal Domestic Shooting of Kassem & 3 Daughters



Tinley Park police are investigating a quadruple homicide, in which a mother and her three adult daughters were found shot to death in a suburban home. A man was found at the scene with a gun and is in custody; charges are expected soon. The victims were identified as Majeda Kassem, 53, and her daughters, 25-year-old twins, Halema and Zahia, and 24-year-old Hanan Kassem.

Tinley Park Quadruple Homicide Investigation Ongoing

Tinley Park police have yet to announce charges in their ongoing quadruple homicide investigation. The victims, a mother and her three adult daughters, were found fatally shot in a suburban home on Sunday.

Officials held a news conference on Monday, suggesting charges against the unnamed man in custody could be imminent. The incident occurred in the 7400-block of 173rd Place late Sunday morning.

“It’s just terrible, terrible, unbelievable, not in Tinley Park,” said a local resident.

The suspect was discovered inside the home with a firearm when police arrived, but it remains unclear whether they placed the initial 911 call. A similar event that saw a grandmother and two children hide during a murder-suicide event that killed five occurred recently.

Victims of the Tinley Park incident were identified as Majeda Kassem, 53, and her three daughters, 25-year-old twins Halema and Zahia, and 24-year-old Hanan Kassem. Authorities have described the crime as domestic, posing no risk to the wider public.

Residents have been advised to avoid the area. Tinley Park officials recognized the incident as the most severe crime since the infamous 2008 Lane Bryant store murders.

Many in the local community are disturbed by the news, especially those who knew the family. “My daughter knows them,” said a neighbour. “She always talked about the intelligence of the family and their high aspirations in life.”

The crime scene currently remains taped off by the police. “I came by on my own and saw the numerous squad cars here,” commented a local. “This was a quiet neighbourhood; we didn’t have any problems. It’s just unbelievable.”

For information on domestic violence support in Illinois, contact the hotline at 1-877-863-6338 or click here.

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