Phoenix Man Charged for Stealing $10k+ Worth of Goods



Yosvany Maza-Portilla, a Phoenix man, has been indicted on 20 counts of organized retail theft, reportedly stealing cosmetics worth over $11,500 from Ulta Beauty and Sephora stores over 15 months. Maza-Portilla faces two separate indictments: the first comprises 19 counts of thefts that occurred from May 2022 to August 2023, and the second indictment covers a single count of theft from a Sephora store on August 27, 2023. Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, who has recently increased prosecution of retail thefts, commended the retail leaders for their involvement in the prosecution.

Phoenix Man Indicted for Major Retail Theft

A Phoenix resident, Yosvany Maza-Portilla, 34, is facing numerous charges related to the theft of merchandise worth over $11,500 from Valley-area stores, including well-known cosmetics retailers Ulta Beauty and Sephora. Maza-Portilla has been indicted on 20 counts of organized retail theft spanning over 15 months.

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell commended Ulta and Sephora for their role in the investigation, shedding light on numerous instances of theft across different dates and retailers. “I applaud the leaders at Ulta and Sephora for calling the police and supporting this prosecution”, she stated in a press release.

Two separate indictments have been issued against Maza-Portilla. The first covers 19 counts of organized retail theft from May 19, 2022, to Aug. 15, 2023. The second indictment is for a single count of organized retail theft from a Sephora store on Aug. 27, 2023.

This case follows the recent efforts by Mitchell to increase prosecution of retail thefts in Maricopa County. Combatting this crime wave led to the arrests of over 60 individuals by Phoenix police earlier this month.

Mitchell warned of the severity of organized retail theft: “In other cities, organized retail theft is an epidemic. My promise to the people of Maricopa County is that I will not allow these organized criminal groups to take root here. These crimes are taken seriously, and they are prosecuted.”

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