Powerful Storm Triggers Flood Alerts for 59M on East Coast



A severe storm hit the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States, triggering flood alerts for 59 million people from Virginia to Maine, leaving over 400,000 homes and businesses without power, and causing substantial travel disruptions. The same storm system had previously battered Florida and the Carolinas, breaking rainfall records. There is further risk of heavy rainfall in parts of New England through to Tuesday, with the potential for flash flooding in urban areas, roads, and small streams.

A powerful storm wreaks havoc on mid-Atlantic coast

A severe storm swept the mid-Atlantic coast, affecting about 59 million people from Virginia to Maine with heavy rain, thunderstorms, and flood alerts. Over 400,000 homes and businesses lost power, leading to airport delays and cancellations.

Potential for excessive rainfall in New England

The National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center indicated the risk of excessive rainfall over parts of New England through Tuesday.

Localized areas of flash flooding were anticipated, primarily affecting urban areas, roads, and small streams.

Impact of storm system across states

This storm system previously battered Florida and the Carolinas with strong winds and heavy rain. Charleston broke a daily record with 3.86 inches of rainfall, and Gainesville, Florida, recorded over 7 inches. South Carolina also experienced a record storm surge.

Power outages and travel advisory in New York City

Over 400,000 individuals in New England and New York were without power. In New York City, a travel advisory was issued due to flooding, power outages, and high winds. The city’s emergency management office also warned of flash flooding, advising locals to avoid basements and low-lying areas.

Disruptions in Connecticut and nationwide

In Connecticut, the city of Danbury’s Emergency Management office advised locals to avoid flooded roads. Amtrak reported temporary disruptions due to winter storm conditions.

Flight delays and cancellations

FlightAware data revealed over 500 nationwide delays and more than 370 cancellations due to the storm. With millions expected to travel for the holidays, these numbers were likely to increase.

Wind alerts and ground stop at Boston Logan International Airport

Wind alerts were issued for 38 million people in the Northeast, with gusts up to 60 mph recorded in New York. A ground stop was issued at Boston Logan International Airport due to wind conditions.

The heavy rain threat is expected to end Tuesday as the system moves towards Canada Monday evening. Lake-effect snow in the Great Lakes and central Appalachians, as well as significant rainfall and snow on the West coast, is also in the forecast.

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