Powerful Winds Precede Major Snowfall



A winter storm watch has been issued for Saturday for the White Mountains and the Great North Woods, including portions of Coos, Grafton, Carroll, and Sullivan counties. The storm is expected to bring snow for most areas initially with a change to rain in southern areas, leading to slippery travel conditions due to snow, mixing, and heavy rain. Areas in the mountains and North Country could potentially see a foot of snow, with other areas experiencing varying amounts of snowfall before it turns into rain.

Winter Storm Watch Issued for White Mountains and Great North Woods

With clear skies, tonight will be chilly and occasionally breezy. A winter storm watch has been announced for Saturday covering areas of Coos, Grafton, Carroll, Sullivan counties, and specifically, the White Mountains and the Great North Woods. Check out the National Weather Service alerts and bulletins for more details.

Temperatures and wind chills will be significantly below average tonight. Similar temperatures, albeit less windy conditions, are expected on Friday, reducing the wind chill factor. Cloud cover is set to increase Friday evening.

Winter Storm Expected on Saturday

The upcoming storm set for late Friday night into Saturday morning will bring snow initially, shifting to rain in the south. Slippery conditions are expected in the north for most of Saturday, while the south will experience slippery roads early due to snow and mixing, followed by ponding as heavy rain sets in.

Precipitation should cease by midnight on Saturday. Mountain and North Country areas could potentially see a foot or more of snow. Plymouth, Lebanon, and Laconia could experience 6-12 inches of snowfall; however, this is subject to change depending on the duration of snow before it turns into rain and how far north this changeover extends.

South of the Lakes Region could see 3-6 inches, with Manchester receiving 1-3 inches of snow and a coating to an inch possible towards the coastline. Keep in touch with the Storm Watch 9 team for further updates.

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