Salem State University Basketball Player Shot Dead Near Campus



Carl-Hens Beliard, an 18-year-old basketball player from Salem State University, was shot and killed while sitting in a vehicle near the university on Wednesday, shortly after Halloween festivities in Salem, Massachusetts ended. The shooting, which is being investigated by the Essex County District Attorney’s Office State Police Detective Unit and the Salem Police Department, does not appear to be a random act of violence according to a preliminary investigation. The shooting is considered a tragedy for the victim’s family, the university community, and beyond.

Salem State University Basketball Player Killed After Halloween Festivities

Carl-Hens Beliard, an 18-year-old Salem State University basketball player, was shot and killed in Salem, Massachusetts early Wednesday, just hours after the city’s Halloween festivities. The freshman was in a vehicle near Forest Ave. and Lussier Street, close to the university, when the incident occurred just before 1:30 a.m. He was rushed to Salem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. This tragic incident has deeply shocked the SSU community.

Essex County District Attorney Paul F. Tucker said, “This senseless gun violence is tragic not only for the victim’s family but for the SSU community and beyond. State Police detectives assigned to my office are closely working with the Salem Police Department and Salem State University officials to bring the person responsible to justice”. The preliminary investigation suggests that the shooting was not random, according to officials.

Salem State University president John Keenan expressed his grief, stating “this tragedy is heartbreaking for all in our community and every parent’s worst nightmare”. Residents in the vicinity reported hearing a commotion early in the morning and then noticing a bullet hole in the back of a car window. The incident happened shortly after thousands had gathered in the city to celebrate Halloween.

The area, located next to the college, is normally quiet apart from the occasional loud party noises. “We don’t usually hear gunshots around here,” said local resident Alyssa Jackson. The shooting is currently under investigation by the Essex County District Attorney’s Office State Police Detective Unit and detectives from the Salem Police Department, striving to uncover the details of this tragic event.

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