Sen. Britt Admits Border Policy Anecdote Misattributed to Biden Era



Alabama Senator Katie Britt acknowledged that a story she used to criticize President Biden’s border policies did not occur during his presidency. The story, about a woman trafficked by cartels at age 12, was used to emphasize Britt’s stance that Biden’s border crisis is preventable. However, a journalist revealed that the incident Britt referred to took place in Mexico in the mid-2000s, and the woman herself confirmed she was trafficked before Biden’s presidency.

Alabama Sen. Katie Britt Admits Border Story Preceded Biden’s Presidency

Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama has acknowledged that the harrowing tale she used to critique President Joe Biden’s border policies did not happen during his term. This was revealed during the Republican response to the State of the Union address on Thursday, where she shared a woman’s experience of sex trafficking.

When asked by Fox News’ Shannon Bream if she meant to imply that the incident had occurred under Biden’s administration, Britt responded negatively and continued to criticize the president’s border policies. Britt clarified that her story focused on a woman who had been trafficked at the age of 12.

A video posted on TikTok by freelance journalist Jonathan Katz traced the story to an incident in Mexico in the mid-2000s. Katz referenced a 2023 press release from Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who, along with Sen. Britt, had visited Texas to meet with Karla Jacinto, a human trafficking survivor.

Jacinto has publicly shared her story, including at a 2015 hearing on sex trafficking. Speaking through a translator, she detailed her abuse and eventual escape from sexual slavery and transformation into an activist. Jacinto confirmed she was trafficked prior to Biden’s presidency and criticized politicians for exploiting the issue of human trafficking.

Sen. Britt has previously shared this story, as evidenced by her social media account. In response to this controversy, White House spokesman Andrew Bates criticized Britt’s falsehoods and suggested she prioritize national security over traffickers.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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