Small Plane Crash in Florida Mobile Home Park Kills 3, FAA Reports



A Beechcraft Bonanza V35 plane reported an engine failure before crashing into a residential area, damaging three homes and causing a major fire. The plane had departed from Vero Regional Beach Airport and was originally scheduled to land at Clearwater Airpark. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash, which left the area covered in debris and shocked the local community.

Three Homes Damaged in Clearwater Plane Crash

A Beechcraft Bonanza V35 crash in Clearwater resulted in fire damage to at least three homes, according to local officials. One home was directly struck, while residents of the other affected homes managed to escape unscathed.

The aircraft had reported engine failure prior to the incident, as confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The plane had left Vero Regional Beach Airport with its destination set as Clearwater Airpark.

Rick Renner, a local resident, shared his experience of the event. His account detailed loud noises and shaking windows, with the impact of the crash felt directly in his home. Renner ran towards the crash site and filmed the scene engulfed in flames.

He expressed shock at the incident, noting how the usually tight-knit community was shaken by the event. Helicopter footage from NBC affiliate WFLA of Tampa provided a bird’s eye view of the extensive debris field and ongoing firefighting efforts.

plane accident
Flames rise near the crash site in Clearwater, Fla., on Thursday. Photo credit: @stevenascari

The FAA has announced that the National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the crash. Shortly before the aircraft disappeared from radar, the pilot had reportedly signaled mayday at a nearby airport.

The aircraft crash site is approximately three miles north of the runway, in a densely-populated mobile home park. Local officials expected more injuries and extensive damage due to the compact residential area.

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