Trump’s $83M Delay Request Denied by Judge in Carroll Case



A US federal judge has denied a request by Donald Trump to delay enforcement of the $83.3 million judgment he owes writer E. Jean Carroll, giving Trump until Monday to post a bond or provide cash in the case. The former president faces significant financial penalties following two recent court losses in New York, including an $83 million defamation case to E. Jean Carroll and a separate civil fraud trial resulting in penalties of at least $450 million. Trump’s lawyers had filed a request to postpone any payment of the Carroll judgment until three business days after the court rules on their motion, but this request was rejected by the judge.

Trump’s Delay Request on $83.3 million Judgment Denied by Federal Judge

Donald Trump‘s request to delay the enforcement of the $83.3 million judgment he owes to writer E. Jean Carroll was rejected by a federal judge, leaving Trump until Monday to post a bond or pay cash in the case.

The Potential Cash Crunch Facing Trump

Following two recent courtroom losses in New York, the former president and likely 2024 Republican White House nominee is attempting to delay payments and could be facing a severe cash crunch.

Trump Ordered to Pay Hefty Penalties

Last month, a civil fraud trial ended with Trump being ordered to pay penalties totaling at least $450 million. Earlier in January, a jury ordered him to pay Carroll $83 million for defamation.

Judge Dismisses Trump’s Delay Request

Trump’s motion to delay the judgment was denied by U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, who dismissed Trump’s claims about potential costs incurred if he had to post a bond. Kaplan also pointed out Trump’s delay in asking for a stay despite having sufficient time to organize his finances.

Trump’s Pending Legal Battles

Trump, who is nearing another Republican presidential nomination, is campaigning while dealing with four criminal cases. In addition to the Carroll case, he faces a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James accusing him of financial fraud. The penalty for this is at least $450 million.

Appeals Court Judge Denies Delay Request

Trump’s request to delay the enforcement of the judgment or post a $100 million bond was denied by an appeals court judge. A full panel is set to review the case soon.

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