Unbeatable Deals at Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week Starting Sunday



Ann Arbor Restaurant Week will take place from Sunday through Friday with over two dozen restaurants participating. Restaurants will offer lunch and dinner courses, including vegan and vegetarian options, for dine-in or takeout, with some multi-course meals having preset prices. Specials include $25 dine-in-only meals for two at the Pretzel Bell and a $60 three-course menu or a $36 three-course lunch at the Dixboro Project.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week: A Culinary Feast

Ann Arbor Restaurant week, happening from Sunday to Friday, features more than two dozen restaurants presenting a diverse range of cuisines. Vegan and vegetarian options are widely available along with lunch and dinner courses. Dine-in and takeout services are provided, with some restaurants offering multi-course meals at fixed prices.

Special Offers at Pretzel Bell and The Dixboro Project

At Pretzel Bell, dine-in customers can enjoy a special $25 deal for two. This includes options like the Marrow Smash Burger, Crunchy Bird, and a Cuban sandwich. Find more information on the 25 downtown places to dine and drink during the Lions playoff game and discover Detroit Lions-themed baked goods at Garden City’s Villa Bakery.

The Dixboro Project offers a $60 three-course meal, along with a $36 lunch alternative. The Dixboro Project was ranked as the third Best New Restaurant in Detroit Free Press’s 2022 list.

Participating Restaurants

The Dixboro Project is a featured restaurant for the upcoming Ann Arbor Restaurant Week. Prices for meals do not include tax or gratuity. For the complete list of participating restaurants, visit the Ann Arbor Restaurant Week’s website.

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