Unmasking UP’s Human Trafficking Crisis: UPHTT Leads Awareness Drive



The Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Taskforce (UPHTT) recently partnered with Ishpeming Lions Club to conduct an awareness meeting on human trafficking in the Upper Peninsula. UPHTT President, Stephanie Graef, highlighted the importance of education and training in prevention efforts and identified the region as vulnerable due to its geographical location. In response, the Taskforce has initiated the development of a refuge center, ‘Sacred Beginnings U.P.’, to provide a safe haven for victims, while also working with Michigan State Police and Ishpeming City Police to educate the public on how to report possible trafficking incidents.

Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Taskforce Raises Awareness in Ishpeming, MI

The Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Taskforce (UPHTT) recently collaborated with the Ishpeming Lions Club to heighten awareness of human trafficking in the region. This initiative involved a detailed discussion and instructional session on reporting suspected human trafficking cases. Taskforce President Stephanie Graef stressed the value of community education in combating this issue.

“The cornerstone of our approach is prevention, which is primarily achieved through knowledge acquisition and training. Many people, including victims, fail to recognize the signs of human trafficking,” said Graef.

The Taskforce identified the Upper Peninsula as a vulnerable area for human trafficking due to its geographical parameters. To tackle this, the UPHTT has initiated the creation of a sanctuary for victims, dubbed ‘Sacred Beginnings U.P.’

“Sacred Beginnings U.P. will provide a safe retreat for those struggling to escape human trafficking. It will enable us to provide direct assistance to these individuals,” Graef elaborated.

The awareness event in Ishpeming also saw attendance from the Michigan State Police and Ishpeming City Police. They offered insights on reporting suspected trafficking cases. Ishpeming City Police Chief Chad Radabaugh encouraged public vigilance, stating, “Speak up if you notice something suspicious. If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out, and we’ll assist however we can.”

For additional information about the UPHTT, visit their official website.

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