bell hooks Taught Us to Love Kids: Powerful Lessons


bell hooks Wasn’t a Parent, but She Taught Us How To Love Children

bell hooks Wasn’t a Parent, but She Taught Us How To Love Children


bell hooks, a renowned feminist and social activist, may not have been a parent herself, but her teachings on love and relationships have influenced many in understanding how to love and care for children.

Understanding Love and Children

In her book “All About Love: New Visions,” hooks emphasizes the importance of love as a transformative force in our lives, including our relationships with children. For those seeking guidance in raising children or nurturing young minds, hooks’ insights provide a valuable perspective.

Love as a Verb

hooks encourages us to see love as a verb, an action that requires effort and dedication. It is not simply a feeling, but a conscious choice to prioritize the well-being and growth of another person. When applied to parenting or caregiving, this perspective can greatly impact the quality of our relationships with children.

Unconditional Love

One of the key teachings of hooks is the concept of unconditional love. This means loving a child without judgment or conditions, accepting them for who they are and supporting their individuality. By embracing this approach, we can foster an environment where children feel safe, loved, and encouraged to explore their own identities.

Empathy and Listening

Another important aspect of hooks’ teachings is the value of empathy and active listening. By truly listening to children and empathizing with their experiences, we can better understand their needs and emotions. This allows us to provide the support and guidance they require, promoting their overall well-being.

Creating Safe Spaces

hooks emphasizes the significance of creating safe spaces for children, both physically and emotionally. This includes establishing an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves, free from fear or judgment. By doing so, we nurture their self-confidence and empower them to navigate the world with resilience.


bell hooks may not have been a parent herself, but her teachings on love, empathy, and creating safe spaces have left a lasting impact on how we approach and care for children. By incorporating her insights into our parenting or caregiving practices, we can enhance the well-being and development of the young minds in our lives.

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