Erin Oprea Tackles Incontinence with New Injectable Treatment


Treatment Journey of Celebrity Personal Trainer Erin Oprea

Celebrity personal trainer and Instagram influencer Erin Oprea has undergone a procedure to manage her exercise-induced incontinence, resulting in leak-free workouts.

Sharing the Journey

Sean, Erin’s husband, filmed the entire “bulking procedure,” which was shared on her Instagram account.

A Common Issue Among Women

\”Years of struggling with stress incontinence, resulting in leakage during physical activities like running, jumping and even laughing,\” Oprea captioned her video.

Stress incontinence refers to involuntary leakage triggered by activities like jumping or sneezing, as explained by the Mayo Clinic. Typically, a surgical procedure is performed to provide sling-like support to the bladder or urethra to resolve this issue.

The Non-Surgical Approach

Oprea, who has worked with A-list celebrities like Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood, opted for a non-surgical route recommended by her doctor. A “bulking agent” was injected to address her incontinence issue.

Her physician, Dr. Tara Allen, clarified that the injection was not akin to Botox, often used for “overactive bladders.” She explained, “This is for the cough, laugh, sneeze leakage.”

Dr. Allen further explained that the injection contained “a bulking agent that is working by just pure physics” to tighten the “urethra.”

The Procedure’s Effectiveness

While the Mayo Clinic emphasizes that these injections are not as successful or permanent as sling surgery, their less invasive nature and faster recovery time make them an attractive alternative.

For Oprea, the effects were immediate and transformative.

“I jumproped the same day with no leaks,” she celebrated on Instagram, sharing a post-workout video which showcased her life before the procedure, when she had to wear incontinence pads.

“30 minute jumprope complete and no leakage. This is going to change my life forever,” she shared.

Breaking the Stigma

Oprea encouraged her Instagram followers to consider this procedure, stating that her decision to share her experience was driven by awareness that many women face similar struggles.

Oprea, who has previously addressed her struggle with incontinence, even collaborated with Poise pads. On Instagram, she wrote, “it’s time to shatter the stigma and explore your options because you deserve to not feel held back from life just because you pee a little!”

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