Experience Unique Personalized Training at Topeka’s New Gym


Iron & Bronze Fitness: Topeka’s Latest Gym for 2023

The newest addition to Topeka’s fitness scene, Iron & Bronze Fitness, is set to make waves in the city’s workout world.

Location and Grand Opening

Positioned at the strategic location of 3405 NW Hunters Ridge Terrace, Suite 400, Iron & Bronze Fitness flung its doors open in mid-November. A grand ribbon-cutting ceremony will mark its arrival officially on December 2, accompanied by an open house from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

High-Quality Service and Accessibility

Iron & Bronze Fitness is not just a gym but a private fitness and training studio, promising top-notch service in a clean and orderly environment. They stand out from the competition by offering key card access for 24/7 gym usage, allowing you to conveniently maintain your fitness regimen.

As explained by Owner and Operator Brandon Decker, “This is a private facility. It’s a haven for those seeking a less crowded environment, more personalized attention, and the opportunity to learn how to train correctly. It’s cleaner due to its private nature, and with our 24-hour open policy, clients have the flexibility to come and go as they please.”

Expertise and Training Programs

Decker brings with him a wealth of experience from his 20-year-long journey in the fitness industry. He specializes in crafting training and nutrition plans tailored to every age and skill level.

“Our services extend beyond just a gym. We offer one-on-one training and small group sessions,” Decker shared. “As part of their membership, we help every member develop a routine to get them comfortable with the weights. For those who wish to go beyond, we can accommodate that. Our main goal is to show them how to train correctly and safely.”

A Welcoming and Organized Space

The gym operates with a commitment to provide an environment that is welcoming, safe, and well-organized, promoting an atmosphere conducive to achieving fitness goals.

Interested to learn more about Iron & Bronze Fitness? Click here to check out their website.

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