For two consecutive years, Elk County insurance company rated as the best in the industry

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Historic Achievement for St. Marys Insurance Agency

Based in Elk County, Pennsylvania, St. Marys Insurance Agency and Affiliates has made a remarkable achievement. They have been named the top-performing company by Erie Insurance for two consecutive years, a feat never before accomplished in Erie’s nearly century-long history. Find out more about St. Marys Insurance Agency and Affiliates here.

Top Ranking Amidst Thousands of Agencies

Outperforming 2,235 other agencies across twelve states, this accomplishment is no mean feat. “It’s really amazing to operate in a small area and to be ranked number one overall; it’s very rewarding”, said President Jeff Azzato.

Prestigious Elite Status

St. Marys Insurance Agency’s incredible performance has earned them the elite status by excelling in three lines of business – Personal Lines, Commercial, and Life. “Getting everyone to buy into it was the first thing we had to do. And once everyone understood what the mission was, our staff does a great job in servicing our customers”, explained Azzato.

Winning Formula for Success

Timothy NeCastro, Erie Insurance’s president, and CEO, emphasizes that earning an elite ranking is stern. He attributes St. Marys Insurance’s success to leadership, dedicated teamwork, and exceptional service. C. Michael Fletcher, Northeast Regional Vice President, also recognizes the company’s provision of top-quality service and commitment to its customers and communities.

High Customer Retention Rate

St. Marys Insurance Agency’s success is also due to its 92% customer retention rate. Azzato credits this to staff training and loyalty from their customers, spanning across their eight office locations.

St. Marys Insurance Agency’s Roots and Affiliates

St. Marys Insurance and Affiliates, Inc. operates out of its main office in St Marys and includes affiliate agencies like Boyles Insurance in Clearfield and State College, Borst Insurance in Ridgway and Sheffield, Smith-Keats Agency in Johnsonburg, McKean Insurance in Bradford, and Emporium Insurance in Emporium. This fully operational agency, founded in 1932, has been under the leadership of owner and President Jeff Azzato since 1996.

Extensive Insurance Product Line

St. Marys Insurance Agency offers a full line of property/casualty insurance products, including auto and homeowners’ insurance, as well as commercial and life insurance from Erie Insurance.

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