Lindsey Vonn Power-Workout in Orange Leggings


Lindsey Vonn’s Post-Retirement Fitness Regime

Although she’s retired from professional skiing, Lindsey Vonn still enjoys hitting the slopes for leisure and commits to vigorous workouts to maintain her fitness. As a correspondent, her busy schedule doesn’t deter her from spending quality time at the gym. The former Olympic alpine ski racer often shares snippets of her workout routines, like weightlifting on a Bosu ball, on her social media accounts.

Lindsey Vonn working out

Vonn’s Nutritional Insights

Vonn’s dietary habits have evolved over the years. She continually educates herself about nutrition, often sharing her insights with others. In a conversation with TODAY, she revealed her latest discovery that consuming fats can actually aid in burning body fat.

Lindsey Vonn during an interview

These nutritional revelations have led Vonn to incorporate foods into her diet that she previously avoided. She told TODAY, “I eat avocado at almost every meal now and bacon and things that I never thought that I should eat. The puffiness [in my face] is gone. I’m more muscular and I haven’t changed my workouts.”

Changes in Vonn’s Workout Routine

In an interview with Bustle, Vonn explained how her workout routine has changed since her retirement from skiing. She has transitioned from focusing on lifts to incorporating HIIT workouts about four days a week into her fitness schedule.

Vonn’s Versatility in Outdoor Sports

Not just a pro skier, Vonn’s love for outdoor sports encompasses a wide range. From wake surfboarding and mountain biking with her dog, to jet skiing and rock climbing, her Instagram feed is proof of her versatility in outdoor sporting activities.

Vonn prefers to kick-start her day with a workout, finding it stimulates her for the rest of the day. She confessed to Bustle, “If I wait till the end of the day, I’m usually tired from working, so it’s harder for me to motivate myself to get it done. The more I can work out in the morning, the better.”

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