Eminent Politicians Grace CPAC Hungary Event with Presence

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Rep. Paul Gosar Faces Controversy Over CPAC Hungary Attendance

Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar is once again drawing criticism for affiliating with far-right wing politicians, this time in Hungary. Gosar has traveled to the country to present at CPAC Hungary, a political conference headlined by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Former TV news anchor Kari Lake and Rep. Barry Moore, R-Ala., are also attending the event, marking the second time the organization has hosted such a gathering in Europe.

Gosar’s Spokesperson Defends His Participation

Anthony Foti, a spokesperson for Gosar, defended the congressman’s participation in CPAC Hungary. In a written statement, Foti said, “Congressman Gosar is proud to speak at CPAC Hungary and respects the work Prime Minister Orbán has done for his country. He looks forward to meeting with the Hungarian cabinet ministers and to learn more about Hungary’s successful family programs.”

Orbán’s Controversial Comments on Race

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has made several controversial statements about race in the past. In a speech last year, he said Europeans should not “become peoples of mixed race.” In another instance, Orbán commented that some interpreted as a joke about German gas chambers.

Press Freedom Concerns Surrounding Orbán

The international organization Reporters Without Borders has labeled Prime Minister Orbán as a “press freedom predator.” According to the group, Orbán has built a media empire since 2010, with outlets that follow his party’s orders. The Fidesz ruling party is said to have taken control of 80% of Hungary’s media.

Other Controversial Figures at CPAC Hungary

Herbert Kickl, Chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party, is also scheduled to attend CPAC Hungary. The party, formed in 1956, had its first two leaders as former Nazi SS soldiers. The Southern Poverty Law Center drew attention to Gosar’s appearance at the event, noting other controversial attendees such as media personality Jack Posobiec, who promoted the false “Pizzagate” conspiracy.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum and Trump’s Former Chief of Staff Also Scheduled

Former Senator Rick Santorum, R-Penn., and President Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows are also on the schedule for CPAC Hungary. Meadows is listed as making an online appearance.

CPAC Hungary’s Website Statement

CPAC Hungary’s website states, “The American Conservative Union has for some time been looking for ways to bring CPAC to Europe, and over recent years, the conviction grew that Hungary, as one of the engines of Conservative resistance to the woke revolution, was the natural place for it.”

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