Fox News Faces New Potential Lawsuit, Courtesy of Tucker Carlson

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If you’re keeping track of the post-2020 election legal fallouts, you’ll know that it hasn’t been smooth sailing for both Donald Trump and Fox News. Trump has had his share of legal dilemmas, but so has Fox News. Particularly, their coverage of the alleged election fraud has landed them into hot water. Notably, they had to shoulder a hefty settlement with Dominion Voting Systems costing them millions for broadcasting unfounded conspiracy claims by their former host, Tucker Carlson. But it seems Carlson’s actions might cause Fox News more legal trouble.

The Tucker Carlson Defamation Case

As reported by The New York Times, Fox News could potentially face a defamation lawsuit from lawyers representing Ray Epps, a two-time Trump voter. Epps was repeatedly falsely accused by Carlson on his former Fox News show. According to Epps’ lawyer, Michael Teter, if Fox News does not issue a formal on-air apology, they are prepared to take legal action.

Understanding the Ray Epps Incident

Epps was a demonstrator on the day of the Jan. 6 riot who attempted to pacify the enraged crowd. Conspiracy theorists singled out Epps, falsely asserting he was a covert government agent. This claim was perpetuated by Carlson, causing Epps to abandon his home and business in Arizona due to numerous death threats.

Legal Implications for Fox News

First Amendment experts believe Epps has a fair chance of winning a case against Fox News, similar to Dominion’s successful lawsuit where Fox News had to pay $787 million in damages. Plus, Fox News still faces a $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic, another voting technology company.

However, for Epps to win, his legal team needs to prove that the defamation has ruined his reputation. If successful, it could expose more damaging information about Fox News’ operations.

Rising Tensions and Lingering Questions

Epps’ potential lawsuit raises several questions about the implications for Fox News and the role of media companies in perpetuating false information. For now, you can learn more about Epps’ story by watching his appearance on 60 Minutes from two months back.

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