Biden Holds a Migration Summit with South American Leaders



President Biden hosted officials from 11 Western Hemisphere countries to discuss efforts to boost regional economies and handle the surge in migration. In the meeting, Biden announced partnerships with the Inter-American Development Bank to enhance regional digital and physical infrastructure and support local entrepreneurs. Additionally, the president highlighted the need for initiatives to strengthen regional supply chains in sectors such as clean energy, semiconductors, and medical supplies, reducing dependency on China and others.

President Biden Addresses Migrant Flow with Western Hemisphere Officials

President Biden hosted a meeting with officials from 11 Western Hemisphere countries, including Mexico, Ecuador, and Panama, on Friday. The meeting was designed to address the historic flow of migrants in the region, aiming to boost these countries’ economies.

Plans to Modernize Infrastructure and Support Supply Chains

During the meeting, President Biden announced collaborations with the Inter-American Development Bank to modernize digital and physical infrastructure in the region. Additionally, new efforts were announced to support regional supply chains in industries like clean energy and medical supplies, reducing reliance on China and other nations.

Migration Challenges and Political Impact

Mitigating migration impact, particularly at the Mexico-US border, has been a significant challenge for the Biden administration. Record numbers of migrants from struggling nations such as Venezuela have attempted illegal border crossings since he took office. These migration issues have sparked criticism from Republicans and division among Democratic state officials facing budget strains due to migrant care costs.

Demands for Greater Work Authorization for Migrants

Several Democratic mayors have urged the White House to increase work authorization for migrants. “All of the newcomers arriving in our cities are looking for the chance to work,” they wrote to President Biden. Last month, Biden increased the number of work permits for migrants, but Friday’s meeting focused on long-term solutions to reduce migrant flow into the US.

Establishment of the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity

President Biden announced the creation of the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity at a regional leaders’ summit in 2022. The Partnership includes 11 countries, with Mexico and Panama represented by their foreign ministers at Friday’s meeting. The aim of the Partnership is to provide additional economic support to these countries, lessening US migration pressure.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Workers in the Region

Biden stressed the readiness of the region’s entrepreneurs and workers, expressing commitment to ensuring they have the necessary skills and resources for success.

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