Durham Anti-War Protest Ends Following Police Warning on NC-147



Anti-war protestors caused a standstill on the Durham Freeway during Thursday’s evening commute, urging people to call NC Rep. Valerie Foushee and demand an end to the war. The protest was organized by the Jewish Voice for Peace, who stated they would continue to disrupt if a ceasefire was not achieved. The protest lasted nearly three hours, with police warning the group to disperse but refraining from immediately arresting participants.

Durham Freeway Anti-war Rally Causes Major Traffic Disruption

Durham, N.C. witnessed significant disruption to traffic on Thursday evening due to an anti-war protest. The protest, which brought traffic on the Durham Freeway to a standstill, left many commuters seeking alternative routes.

“I’m glad I know my way around to find alternate routes,” stated local resident Israel Blue.

The halt was caused by a group of anti-war protesters displaying their opposition to current military conflicts directly on the road. Their primary sign featured the phone number of NC Rep. Valerie Foushee (D-Chapel Hill), encouraging individuals to contact her and demand an end to the war. The same group had previously rallied at Foushee’s office in mid-October with a similar request.

The protest took place on the northbound side of the Durham Freeway, with additional protesters occupying the overpass of Mangum Street. Noah Rubin-Blose, a student Rabbi and member of the Jewish Voice for Peace, expressed his sentiments at the rally, “My Judaism is a Judaism of justice, valuing all life. I urge my fellow Jews and people of all faiths to unite in calling for a cease-fire.”

As part of the Jewish Voice for Peace, Rubin-Blose was among those who brought their grievances to the freeway, impacting thousands of drivers in Durham. Another protester, RC Collman, emphasized, “This is what violence takes. Violence against people in Palestine takes us disrupting people’s traffic.”

The protest began just before 5:00 PM, and police initially refrained from intervening. Durham Mayor Pro Tempore, Mark Anthony Middleton, explained, “Although the protest was illegal, acting too hastily can exacerbate the situation and lead to harm.”

Finally, just before 7:30 PM, officers instructed the group to clear the area within 15 minutes. After nearly 3 hours, the protesters complied just before 8 PM. Even though Israel Blue supports peaceful protesting, she felt city resources could have been better utilized elsewhere.

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