Hamas’ Terrorism Also Serves as a Cautionary Tale for the US



The article discusses the rise of moral, social, and intellectual deterioration within American politics, drawing comparisons with the process that led to the Holocaust and the Hamas terrorists. The author argues that the threat of violence largely resides on the right, with groups like Proud Boys, Nazis, and Oath Keepers finding a home in the Republican Party, and that rhetoric of political violence is increasing, exemplified by comments from Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The piece also criticizes Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s policies towards migrants and warns that depravity is gaining a foothold in American politics.

Exploring Moral Depravity in Modern Politics

Moral degradation isn’t instantaneous. Germans did not become Jew killers overnight. It took years of conditioning, propaganda, and increasing brutality to transform into a nation of sociopaths. The Hamas terrorists who killed babies in their cribs last week didn’t harbor pathological hatred from birth. It was acquired, a result of a process of moral dulling and rage sharpening.

Moral Degeneration in American Politics

In American politics, we can see early signs of moral deterioration that eventually leads to atrocities. Some left-wing supporters of Palestine celebrated Hamas’s atrocities. Students for Justice in Palestine lauded the events as a “historic win for the Palestinian resistance,” and the Connecticut chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America applauded the “unprecedented anti-colonial struggle,”. Such sentiments echo the low point of the American left when radicals rationalized political violence in the 1970s.

Violence and Depravity on the Political Right

Threats of violence and depravity in the US are not limited to the left. Organizations like Proud Boys, Nazis, Oath Keepers, and Christian supremacists have found a home in the Republican Party. Donald Trump has advocated for summary executions of suspected shoplifters. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has championed summary executions of people illegally crossing the US border with Mexico. These comments display outright contempt for American law and basic human rights.

Depravity in Texan Policies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has implemented injurious policies targeted towards migrants. The buoys placed in the Rio Grande River, interspersed with circular saw blades, are a testament to this. This cruelty is not a far cry from the moral degeneracy engendered by Trump.

Effect of Hamas Terrorist Attack

The horror of the Hamas attack and Israel’s retaliation will be felt in the weeks ahead. As we recoil from the depravity of the attack and Israel’s response, we must consider the unstable landscape of American politics. Depravity is gaining a solid foothold here and we must be aware of where it could lead.

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Francis Wilkinson is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering US politics and policy. Previously, he was an editor for the Week and a writer for Rolling Stone.

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