Trump Cites Putin, Calls Indictments ‘Politically Driven Persecution’



Former President Donald Trump recently invoked Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech to argue that the four criminal indictments he is facing are politically motivated. Trump quoted Putin saying that the charges against him show the “rottenness” of the U.S political system, undermining its democratic example for the world. However, there is no evidence that President Joe Biden has interfered in the prosecutions, and Trump’s citation of Putin, known for his authoritarian regime, has been criticized given Russia’s history of interfering in U.S elections.

Trump Quotes Putin to Discredit Criminal Indictments in New Hampshire Campaign Speech

Ex-president Donald Trump on Saturday cited Vladimir Putin’s comments to criticize the four criminal indictments he’s facing, alleging they’re politically motivated. He quoted the Russian president stating that these undercut the US as a democratic model globally.

In his Durham, N.H. speech, Trump focused on voters’ economic issues, criticized the state’s Republican governor, scoffed at his lower-polling rivals, and depicted the US as a country in “hell” under President Biden.

“Even Vladimir Putin says Biden’s politically motivated persecution of his political rival is good for Russia as it reveals the decay of the American political system,” Trump said, citing Putin’s comments from September. He further added the world was watching the political rival being persecuted, leading to mockery.

There’s no proof that Biden interfered in Trump’s prosecutions happening in various federal and state courts. These cover a range of issues including possession of classified material post-presidency and attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

Trump’s referencing Putin, an autocratic leader, has raised concerns about his potential radical plans for a second term. The US intelligence community has found that Russian officials interfered in the 2016 election and have repeatedly tried to destabilize US elections.

Trump has often likened the US to authoritarian nations. At the rally, a new slogan – “Better Off With Trump” was displayed, where he criticized Biden’s economic policies and claimed the president contributed to Americans’ deteriorating living conditions.

Trump ridiculed Nikki Haley, the ex-U.N. ambassador, for a perceived “surge” that he argued was only evident in comparison with lower-polling candidates. Haley, backed by New Hampshire’s Republican governor, Chris Sununu, this week, is currently the highest-polling alternative to Trump, despite Trump leading the state polls by a double-digit margin.

Trump criticized Sununu, calling him a “spoiled brat” who was ineffective and unappreciative of Trump’s attention to the state during his presidency.

The former president’s campaign seeks a dominant victory in Iowa, to encourage his rivals to quit. His advisers see his New Hampshire path as more predictable, the state gave him a decisive primary victory in 2016.

On Saturday, he was scheduled to travel to Nevada to watch a U.F.C. fight, followed by a Reno rally on Sunday and an Iowa event on Tuesday.

His top political advisers, Chris LaCivita, and Susie Wiles spoke to reporters before his New Hampshire stage appearance. They stated that Trump would intensify his campaigns in January, aiming for consecutive victories in the first four states to ensure a strong delegate accumulation by mid-March.

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