US to Give Ukraine Weapons Confiscated from Iran



The US plans to transfer thousands of seized Iranian weapons and ammunition to Ukraine to mitigate shortages in the Ukrainian military. The US Central Command is expected to announce this policy soon. It remains unclear under what legal authorisation the US will execute the weapon transfer as the UN requires seized weapons to be either destroyed or stored.

US to Transfer Seized Iranian Weapons to Ukraine

US officials have announced plans to dispatch thousands of seized Iranian weapons to Ukraine. This move, aimed at alleviating the critical weaponry shortages faced by the Ukrainian military, will be implemented as soon as this week by the US Central Command, officials reported.

The legalities surrounding this weapon transfer remain unclear. The UN dictates that seized weapons must be either destroyed or stored. For months, the Biden administration has been exploring lawful methods to transfer the seized weapons, currently in CENTCOM facilities across the Middle East, to Ukraine.

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