Chamber Approves Funding for Border Crossings



The US government is allocating $50 million from the federal Inflation Reduction Act to fund various projects in New York State, including three major projects in the North Country. The funding will go towards improving border facilities and initiating long-overdue construction projects while reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs, and using materials made in the USA. The North Country Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the funding, stating it will help upgrade border crossings and pursue their long-term “Port of Excellence” vision.

Federal Funding to Enhance Border Facilities in North Country

The North Country will see notable improvements in its border facilities, thanks to substantial federal funding. The federal Inflation Reduction Act has marked $50 million for 10 projects across New York, inclusive of three key ones in the North Country.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Charles Schumer, acknowledged the act’s role in stimulating construction projects with American-made materials, and contributing to job creation and emission reduction across New York. The Act, in combination with the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law and other IRA programs, paves the way for crucial construction projects, while also promoting a sustainable future for New York.

Positive Reception

The news of the financial allocation for border crossings was well-received by the North Country Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President, Garry Douglas, expressed optimism about future investments at the Rouses Point and Trout River crossings, which have been in focus for the past two years. These allocations mark significant progress.

The Rouses Point crossing will benefit from an $8.5 million investment, a notable move towards the $29 million total investment goal for a new U.S. border crossing facility. The Trout River crossing will receive $9.1 million, which is nearly half the total planned investment for renovations and improvements worth $19.7 million. An $11.3 million allocation for the Champlain Port of Entry will be used for much-needed updates to roads and parking spaces.

Steps Towards Excellence

These developments align with the vision of the Chamber for the area’s border gateways, which is to create a “Port of Excellence.” The Chamber is part of an advisory group assisting the U.S. General Services Administration with the current design processes for both Rouses Point and Trout River. They are also involved in the design process for $49 million in facility work planned by Canada at the Lacolle border crossing.

Douglas showed appreciation for Senator Schumer’s continued support of North Country border crossings and expressed gratitude to the General Services Administration for their collaboration with local stakeholders.

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