Adorable NC Puppy Assists in Mountain Top Proposal Surprise



A man named Kolton included Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Ashley because the cause is meaningful to them. The proposal took place during a hike at Roan Mountain in Tennessee where a puppy named Highland, who was waiting with a rescue staff member, came “barreling happily toward the newly engaged couple.” Despite the special role of Highland in the proposal, the couple did not adopt him as they already have three rescue dogs, but the puppy has since been adopted by “another loving family.”

North Carolina Animal Rescue Joins in Perfect Marriage Proposal

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a renowned organization based in Asheville, North Carolina, recently played a unique role in a memorable marriage proposal. Solicited via email, the request was not for animal rescue, but rather for assistance in orchestrating what the sender described as a “perfect marriage proposal.”

The hopeful groom-to-be, Kolton, enlisted the help of a rescue puppy from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue for his outdoor proposal. The organization, close to the couple’s heart, was involved in the detailed planning process that spanned several months.

“My girlfriend’s two passions in life are mountains and dogs,” Kolton stated in the Facebook post. His aim was to give his girlfriend, Ashley, her dream proposal with help from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

The big moment occurred during a hike at Roan Mountain in Tennessee. After creating an intimate setting, Kolton asked Ashley to marry him. The proposal was all the more enchanting with the presence of a furry white puppy named Highland.

The rescue describes how, after Kolton proposed, Highland came running towards the newly engaged couple, adding to the joy of the moment. Despite the challenges faced by the rescue, they embraced this opportunity to contribute to a joyous occasion.

The engagement story was met with delight from the online community, with many praising it as “a story of love and kindness for all.” Although the couple did not adopt Highland due to their three rescue dogs at home, he held a special place in their hearts. Highland was later adopted by another loving family, according to the rescue’s Facebook comment.

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